Living and studying in Limoges

Living and studying in Limoges

With nearly 200,000 inhabitants, Limoges is a metropolis in the Region of New Aquitaine that combines the advantages of a large city (high-level facilities) with the advantages of living in the countryside.

As the Tourists’ Office will tell you, as a student at the University of Limoges, you benefit from a lifestyle that few universities can offer: the most modern sports facilities; a broad range of cultural activities (with an excellent programme and a large student festival); a privileged living environment, fueled by the energy of a large city and totally unspoiled natural environment. Here, the air is clean, the water is clear and the city is green! On the same day, you can go to the university, canoe down a river just before enjoying a concert at Zénith music hall and round off the evening in town with your friends.

As a student-friendly city, well-known for its inexpensive cost of living, Limoges offers a lot of advantages, with campuses close to the city centre, efficient, regular public transportation, bike hires available to students and a large range of student clubs and associations to choose from.


  •   3 hrs to Paris
  •   2 hrs to Bordeaux
  • 2 hrs to the mountains
  • 3 hrs to the ocean
  • 1/4 hr for outdoor adventure
  • 1/4 hr from the city centre to Zénith music hall
  • 10 minutes from the city centre to Palais des Sports


To study at the University of Limoges, simply get in touch with the International Office (BAI) which will help you organize your stay (accommodation, residence permit, administrative formalities).

Bureau d’Accueil International (BAI) / International Office

Campus des Jacobins

88 rue du Pont Saint Martial – 87000 LIMOGES

Tél. 33(0)5 55 14 92 74 / Fax : 33 (0)5 55 14 90 86


Libraries, health, accommodation and food as well as sports are all taken care of by the University services. The University of Limoges also provides students with a Digital Work Environment (messaging, agenda, online courses, shared documents) as well as WiFi on all campuses of the university and cultural Services.


Limoges University has dedicated “International Ambassador Kits” that tell you more: just pick your language !  


One of the first university Web-TV channels

The University of Limoges was one of the first to invest in a video information channel designed for students. CanalSup-TV is today the most creative and living expression of the academic community, offering both education and entertainment.


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33 rue François Mitterrand
BP 23204
87032 Limoges - France
Tél. +33 (5) 05 55 14 91 00