What is Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci ?

A few words about Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci (UCLdV)


Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci is an association of three public higher education institutions in the same area that have chosen to collaborate on specific strategic issues. Those institutions are the universities of Poitiers and Limoges and  ISAE-ENSMA engineering school based in Poitiers

Built on  a balanced partnership between those 3 member institutions, UCLdV aims at developing ambitious projects that bring together several actors from each institution through a project-based methodology. The rationale for cooperation between the institutions is that the most cross-cutting and strategic projects are easier to devise, implement and develop if done through a collaborative process. The main offices of UCLdV are located near Futuroscope theme park, in Poitiers.


The member institutions that make up Confederal University Leonardo da Vinci


Founded in 1431, the University of Poitiers is one of the oldest Universities of Europe, located in a city of art and history, recognized for the quality of its life. The strength of the University of Poitiers (UP) is to be multidisciplinary and to develop a close link between education and research. The University of Poitiers welcomes more than 26-,000 students, among which  4-, 200 international students of 122 nationalities.

ISAE-ENSMA  engineering school was created in 1948 and is geographically based near Futuroscope theme park; it has built a solid reputation with the training of 6-, 000 high-level engineers and internationally-renowned research, developed through multiple partnerships with large companies. After 3 years of training, ISAE-ENSMA gratuates can work in design offices as well as in R&D, mainly in aeronautics and space sectors, in transportation and energy.

The youngest of the member institutions of UCLdV, the University of Limoges (UL) was founded in 1968. It welcomes 15-, 550 students among which 14% are foreign students. In all major fields of study, it offers multidisciplinary training in innovative ways and with strong links to its socio-economic environment.


Key figures

University of Limoges (UL)

  • Number of students: 15-, 550
  • Percentage of foreign students: 14%

University of Poitiers (UP)

  • Number of students: 27-, 000
  • Percentage of foreign students: 16%

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UL & UP Degrees awarded: Bachelors, Master’s Degrees, Doctorates and Diplomas specific to UP and to UL


  • 600 student-engineers among which 100 PhD candidates
  • 12 months are dedicated to internships
  • Main industrial partners: Airbus Group, Groupe Safran, Ariane Group, Dassault Aviation, STELIA Aerospace, CNES, Thales, MBDA, Akka, ATR, Liebherr Aerospace, Renault, PSA, EDF, Areva, Alstom.

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