Registration for the 2018 Joint Working Group France-Indonesia Cooperation in Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is now closed.

Thank you to all those who have registered to attend the JWG 2018. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Poitiers – Futuroscope on June, 26th 2018.

Parallel workshops are designed with a transversal approach in order to discuss all aspects of Higher Education Research, Innovation processes and Technology transfer in different scientific fields.

Six parallel workshops are proposed:

  • Food Security and Agriculture,
  • Health and Medicine;
  • Engineering, Mechanics, Aeronautics and Energy (Renewable and Alternative Energy),
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT),
  • Social Science and Humanities (Law and Politics/Sustainable Tourism/ Economics),
  • Ecology, Environmental Science and Marine & Maritime Science.




By registering, the attendee understands and agrees that audio and video footage, photographs and digital images may be taken of the Attendee at any conference event. By registering, the attendee also understands and agrees that the Universté Confédéral Léonard de Vinci (UCLdV) may use said audio and video footage, photographs and digital images in its editorial, advertising, educational, promotional and social media material. Attendee also understands and agrees that international copyright and intellectual property rights on these images and materials will remain the property of UCLdV. UCLdV may share the contact list of participants at the event and keep your contact details for the purpose of contacting you in the future.



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