Optimisation of water-turbine blades under uncertainties

Laboratory: PPRIME Institute, Department: D2-FTC, Team: HydEE

ED SIMME Doctoral School proposes the following thesis subject:

Title of the thesis : Optimisation of water-turbine blades under uncertainties

This project would be under the supervision of : Ludovic Chatellier, D2-FTC department of PPRIME Institute at Universite de Poitiers.

Co-supervisor(s) : Nassim Razaaly /

Starting date: 10/2022

Thesis presentation:
The PhD project aims at robustly optimizing the 3D shape of Darrieus-type turbine blades under varying operating conditions. The resulting design will be declined on a experimental demonstrator and validated experimentally by taking into account the operating uncertainties.
The PhD candidate will conduct the experimental campaigns in an hydraulic flume, using both conventional and optical metrology. An effort will be put on the performance analysis of the turbine, with respect to measurement uncertainties.

See the detailed description: SujetUP-2022-chatellier-razaaly-EN.pdf

For further information and to apply, please contact: : Nassim Razaaly, Ludovic Chatellier ().

Submission date: 01/31/2022 à 10 h 05 min

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