Study of an adaptable flapping wing to improve flight performance

Laboratory: PPRIME Institute, Department: D2-FTC, Team: HydEE

ED SIMME Doctoral School proposes the following thesis subject:

Title of the thesis : Study of an adaptable flapping wing to improve flight performance

This project would be under the supervision of : Laurent David, D2-FTC department of PPRIME Institute at Universite de Poitiers.

Co-supervisor(s) : Thierry Jardin /

Starting date: 10/2022

Thesis presentation:
In this thesis, we propose to define an optimal wing shape for flapping propulsion/lift. The wing shape will evolve dynamically to be optimal during a flapping cycle and will depend directly on the flapping kinematics of the wing. The approaches considered are numerical and experimental. For the numerical part, three-dimensional DNS simulations integrating the Fluid/Structure interactions will be conducted. To validate the optimal cases, three-dimensional measurements around the wing and a follow-up of the wing deformation will be carried out. This research will be conducted at the Pprime Institute (Poitiers) and at the ISAE Supaéro (Toulouse).

See the detailed description: SujetUP-2022-david-jardin-EN.pdf

For further information and to apply, please contact: : Laurent DAVID/ Thierry JARDIN ().

Submission date: 03/05/2022 à 12 h 13 min

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