Multiscale thermal transport in heterogenous materials

Laboratory: PPRIME Institute, Department: D2-FTC, Team: TNR

ED SIMME Doctoral School proposes the following thesis subject:

Title of the thesis : Multiscale thermal transport in heterogenous materials

This project would be under the supervision of : Karl Joulain, D2-FTC department of PPRIME Institute at Universite de Poitiers.

Co-supervisor(s) : Yannick De Wilde / Veneta Veneta

Starting date: 10/2022

Thesis presentation:
The aim of the project is to study how the microstructure of an heterogeneous material such as glass wool influences its effective thermal resistance. We will study in particular the role of the thermal resistance between the fibers held together by a binder. This thermal resistance will be determined experimentally at the Langevin Institute. This thermal resistance will then be introduced into a digitally reconstructed network of fibers whose overall thermal resistance will be calculated by the finite element method at the Pprime Institute. A complete study of the conductive thermal behavior of glass wool will be conducted according to its characteristics such as the orientation or the volume fraction of the fibres.

See the detailed description: SujetUP-2022-joulain-de-wilde-grigorova-moutiers-EN.pdf

For further information and to apply, please contact: : Karl Joulain, Yannick De Wilde, Veneta Grigorova-Moutiers ().

Submission date: 03/15/2022 à 12 h 03 min

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