Doctoral studies / courses

90 hours training courses  – selection to be made by the doctorant 

A doctoral student registered at ED SIMME must validate at least and preferably during his first two years, 90 hours of training.
To do this, the SIMME Doctoral School organises complementary training courses and he must develop a balanced training program on three distinct components.
It is up to the student to establish his program according to his professional project and in close consultation with his thesis director.
The doctoral student must follow at least 15 hours of each type of training.
The remaining 45 hours can be validated, as desired, in any type of training.

Specialty or specialized training – (15 hours minimum to valide)

The courses can be Master courses and/or courses organised by ENSMA, University of Poitier or laboratories, summer schools, workshops national or international, seminar cycles, congresses (only one congress will be counted), any other form of training.

To consult and register for courses available : Formations de spécialité/spécialisées

Transversal or professional training – (15 hours minimum to valide)

These courses cover a set of subjects aimed at preparing the doctoral student for his professional integration.
They are offered by the Site Colleges of the Doctoral Schools and ENSMA.

To consult and register for courses available : Formations transversales/professionnalisantes

Thematic Training –  (15 hours minimum to valide)

These courses are organized by the Doctoral Schools and relate to a topical subject, scientific or not, or to a societal issue (for example: supercomputing, nuclear, nanotechnology, sustainable development, etc.). They aim to open the minds of doctoral students to other subjects than those on which they are led to reflect within the framework of the work of their thesis.

To consult and register for courses available : Formations thématiques

Compulsory training : Ethics and Scientific Integrity 

Beyond these 3 types of training, all doctoral students must follow training in Ethics and Scientific Integrity.
This compulsory training is organized every year by the Site College for first-year doctoral students.

To consult and register for course : Formation éthique et intégrité 

Courses undertaken in a host company /establishment

Participation in certain seminars, conferences, workshops, summer or thematic schools, international congresses (only one congress may be validated during the thesis), M2 courses, courses organized in a host company/establishment for doctoral students off-site and on site can also validate training hours.
To request validation of hours from the ENSMA ED SIMME, please fill in the following form : formulaire de demande de validation

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