Annual key events

La JDR – la Journée de Rentrée des Doctorants = Induction day
The JDR (induction day) for our Poitiers site is usually set around mid-October.
It is compulsory for any new doctoral student to attend the induction day.
Specific meetings are held on the day to meet the directors and the administration team and a full presentation is given on the doctorate.

2022 JDR to be confirmed .

Les JDD – Les Journées Des Doctorants = The Doctoral Students’ Days
The Doctoral Students’ Days (the so-called JDD) are a key event in the life of SIMME Doctoral School and the Institut P’.
Volunteer doctoral students from the Doctoral School and the parent laboratory organize jointly the JDD each year.
This event is compulsory for all doctoral students. Attending (for 1st year PhD students), presenting their work on a poster (2nd year) and as an oral communication (3rd year) are milestones that you must validate during your thesis.

2022 JDD is on 21 & 22nd June 2022.

La CRDD – La Cérémonie de Remises des Diplômes de Doctorat  – The Award Ceremony
A major event and it takes place every year around mid-December.
Date for 2022 to be confirmed.

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