PhD registration requires having a funding. ED SIMME rules sets a minimum of 1000,00€ per month during the three years of the thesis. You will find below an overview of the possible fundings.
Depending on your situation, your host institution, your home country, a company or the European Union may finance your research project.

Under doctoral contract, with or without co-funding


  • MESRI : Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation,
  • Région Nouvelle Aquitaine,
  • CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique,
  • ENS: École Normale Supérieure

The research grant provided under a doctoral contract (fixed-term contract) is a salary paid by the administrator institution (for MESRI or RPC grants, the institution is the University or School where the PhD students is registered). The research grant is assigned for 3 years. The amount of the gross salary per month is set by Decree.

For further information, read the article about doctoral funding on MESRI Website.


Without a doctoral contract


All types of co-funding grants and scholarships


Non-co-funding grants and scholarships

  • Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Ministry of Defense: DGA
  • EPIC: (ONERA, CNES,…),
  • Industrial Training Agreement for research (a French agreement allowing to prepare a doctorate inside a company): CIFRE,
  • Research contract,
  • Foreign funding,
  • “Eiffel” grant (for PhD student under joint doctorate agreement).



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