How to register?

Prerequisite for a registration:

  • French PhD students: hold a Master’s or an Engineering degree in scientific disciplines.
  • Foreign PhD students: hold a French Master’s degree or beneficiate of a derogation. The derogation is asked by the future supervisor of the thesis. It includes a cover letter, the assent of the Thesis Supervisor, the assent of the Director of the research unit and funding conditions.
    • European PhD students or students who belong to a signatory country of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area): join to the registration file a copy of all the academic degrees, the certified copy of the Master’s and the detailed content of the Master’s courses.
    • PhD students from other countries: join a certified copy of all the academic degrees and the detailed content of all the courses followed at University.


First-Year registration for a doctorate:

The doctorate registration must be done in the relevant institute. In order to be acquainted with the registration procedure in your university or school, please select the related link below:


Registration procedure at ENSMA

Registration procedure at the University of Poitiers

Registration procedure at the University of Limoges



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