Proposition de thèse : Bioinspired Perception and Control of an Interactive Aerial System (Perception et commande bioinspirée d’un drone intéractif)

L’ED SISMI propose le sujet de thèse suivant :

Intitulé du sujet : Bioinspired Perception and Control of an Interactive Aerial System (Perception et commande bioinspirée d’un drone intéractif)

Ce projet serait sous la direction de Ouiddad Labbani-Igbida du laboratoire XLIM à l’Université de Limoges

Co-directeurs renseignés : Juan-Antonio Escareno /

Les financement sont : Projet region (2019): Système Aérien AutonoMe Interactif Pour L’étude Environnementale (SAAMPLE).

Le début de la thèse est prévu pour : 10/2020

Mots clés du sujet : Aerial interaction/sampling, Bioinspired navigation, Perception and control coupling,

Présentation du sujet : In recent years, the development of aerial autonomous vehicles intended to achieve autonomously interactive operations has received great attention from the research and industrial sector based on the wide spectrum of actual and potential applications. The proposed position is intended to provide a further step in this direction by relying on advanced perception and control techniques as well as coming up with novel bioinspired robotic means.

Objectifs : The actual proposal position addresses the following scientific challenges:
1. A perception/control strategy/ies to follow bio-inspired path patterns towards specific target/s
2. A global resilient navigation to achieve efficient flight during the touchdown and transport phase.
3. It is also expected that the doctoral scholar conduct a preliminary experimental stage to validate the proposed perception/navigation strategies.

Description du sujet : The actual thesis proposal envisions to come up with a drone-based solution to sample waterways towards an enhanced environmental mapping/cartography by means of a novel aerial system endowed with a robotic sampler. The main approach relies on the coupling of vision-based navigation featuring underlying robust trajectory-tracking control to achieve/mimic avian-inspired touchdown-&-fly flight patterns.

Compétences acquises à l’issue de la thèse : 1. Advanced Perception/control techniques for mobile robots
2. Modeling multi-body dynamics systems
3. Robust navigation
4. Hands-on experience on the development of unmanned aerial systems

Présentation de l’équipe d’accueil : Remix team is part of the Intelligent Systems and Networks department based at the XLIM research institute of Limoges’ university. Our research activities targets real-world applications in natural and complex environments relying only on onboard robot intelligence. Our interests entails both terrestrial, aerial and heterogeneous multi-agent systems. Within a mission context, our research aims to develop active robots in the sense that in that they should react and navigate within their environment while extracting key information from it.

Compétences souhaitées pour les candidats : Strong background in simulation (Matlab-Simulink), artificial vision (Open-CV); experience with real-time environments, experience with Robot Operating System (ROS), control architecture (nonlinear and robust), dynamic modeling of mechanical systems, hands-on experience is a plus.

Pour plus d’informations et pour candidater, merci de contacter :

Date de dépôt : 04/09/2020 à  1 h 41 min